SNA hosts job fair for Health Sciences students

Lisa Kirkpatrick with the WV DHHR interacts with Jules Vanderlans.
The WVU Student Nurses' Association hosted a job fair for Health Sciences students Monday, Nov. 14 from in the HSC Pylons.
The event welcomed 10 hospital systems, including Highmark Health of Pittsburgh, Eisenhower Health of California, TMC HealthCare of Arizona, as well as military recruiters, SON graduate recruiters, WVU ROTC recruiter, and hospitals from all around West Virginia.
"I wanted to give all students, not just the nursing students, as many different opportunities as possible," said event organizer Jenna Wermers, SNA President. "I decided to host a job fair because I noticed that I personally was unaware of all the opportunities available to me."
Last year, Wermers attended the National Student Nurses' Association in Utah and she found herself in awe of how many hospital systems and opportunities are available to her as a future nurse.
"I decided then and there that I would get the contact information of every recruiter I could with the hopes of inviting them to a job fair."
Holly Reger and Alisha Wilson from Roane General
Brandy Toothman from WVU School of Nursing
Lauren Lane and Brianna Chin from CAMC
Danielle Maness from Women's Health Center of West Virginia
Beth Williams and Emily Huxford with WVU Medicine
Beth Foreman, Erica Remy and Kristen Gulp from Raleigh General
Kym Gillespie and Jamie McLaughlin from Mon Health
Lindsay Morris from ARH
John Dowling with WVU ROTC
Lisa Kirkpatrick from WV DHHR
Mike Simon and Brooke Roupe from AHN
Kate Crumpton and Ben Farber from Eisenhower Health