LPN to Bachelor of Science

Program Overview

The WVU School of Nursing Keyser Campus LPN to BSN Program provides a seamless pathway for a licensed practical nurse (LPN) to earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree and enter the registered nursing (RN) profession.

Courses are offered afternoons/evenings and weekends at WVU Potomac State College to accommodate the working LPN’s schedule. Didactic nursing courses are online, with hands-on clinical experiences in state of the science skills/simulation labs and healthcare facilities in the region.

One course in the program, NSG 213, is specifically designed to help the LPN transition from practical to professional nursing, focusing on assessment, advanced skills, and clinical judgment. As a university, we are committed to ensuring that the LPN to BSN bridge is as smooth as possible, with support and resources built in.

Upon successful completion of the program, LPN to BSN students earn 22 hours of escrow credits for their LPN licensure and professional experience, which translates to more than a semester’s worth of work. Upon conferral of the BSN degree, the graduate will take the National Council Licensure Exam (NCLEX)-RN for licensure.

Progression Plan

Non-nursing courses may be taken online or face to face, as available and by student preference; O = online, C = faculty-led clinical, PC = precepted clinical; GEF = General Education Foundations. See course lists online

Year One: Fall

BIOL 230: 4 Credit Hours
CHEM 111: 4 Credit Hours
MATH 124: 3 Credit Hours
PSYC 101: 3 Credit Hours
Total: 14 Credit Hours

Year One: Spring

BIOL 231: 4 Credit Hours
CHEM 112: 4 Credit Hours
ENGL 101: 3 Credit Hours
STAT 211: 3 Credit Hours
Total: 14 Credit Hours

Year One: Summer

MICB 200: 3 Credit Hours 
NSG 213 (O, C): 6 Credit Hours
Total: 9 Credit Hours

Year Two: Fall

ENGL 102: 3 Credit Hours
NSG 310 (O, C): 4 Credit Hours
NSG 311 (O, C): 6 Credit Hours
NSG 350 (O): 3 Credit Hours
Total: 16 Credit Hours

Year Two: Spring

NSG 312 (O, C): 6 Credit Hours
NSG 320 (O, C): 4 Credit Hours
NSG 360 (O): 3 Credit Hours
Total: 13 Credit Hours

Year Two: Summer

GEF 5/6/7: 3 Credit Hours
GEF 5/6/7: 3 Credit Hours
GEF 5/6/7: 3 Credit Hours
Total: 9 Credit Hours

Year Three: Fall

NSG ELEC (O): 2 Credit Hours
NSG 411 (O, PC): 7 Credit Hours
NSG 450 (O, C): 4 Credit Hours
Total: 13 Credit Hours

Year Three: Spring

NSG 412 (O, PC): 7 Credit Hours
NSG 460 (O, C): 4 Credit Hours
NSG 486 (O): 1 Credit Hours
Total: 12 Credit Hours

Application / Admission Steps

  • Complete application for admission to WVU Potomac State College and WVU School of Nursing (Dec 1- Mar 15 each year)
  • Submit transcript of completion of a board-approved, accredited practical nursing program to WVU Potomac State College
  • Submit transcripts of all college/university level work to WVU Potomac State College
  • Have a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or higher on all college-level work attempted
  • Submit proof of an active, unencumbered LPN license to WVU Potomac State College
  • Take the ATI Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) exam, scoring at least 60% in each area (reading, math, science, and English), and submit official scores to WVU Potomac State College
  • Submit proof of one year of experience as a practicing LPN (before beginning the first nursing course [NSG 213 in third semester]) to WVU Potomac State College
  • Note: Applicants that have previously attended a pre-licensure RN program must submit a letter of good standing to be considered for admission
  • Applicants will be notified each May, for fall semester (August) admission; 16 seats are available each fall semester