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Help create a Code of Ethics Statement for the SON

The WVU SON academic integrity task force consists of six faculty members who have reviewed the literature to determine the best practices to prevent plagiarism and lapses in academic integrity in classrooms and clinical settings. Evidence supports the best way to deter academic dishonesty is through creating a culture of integrity.

One way of creating a culture of integrity is to adopt a code of ethics statement (COES). The COES becomes the mantra for the school of nursing and serves as a frequent reminder to maintain academic integrity.

We ask all School of Nursing students and faculty to be part of this movement and contribute their ideas. We envision a catchy, short phrase (preferably less than 20 words) that is easy to remember and embodies the ethical obligations of professional nursing. Consider the COES statement a commercial slogan selling the ethical principles we expect of all SON members. Below are a few examples:

Coca Cola: Integrity - The Essential Ingredient (they have a VERY lengthy code of conduc)

Starbucks: To inspire and nurture the human spirit—one person, one cup, and one neighborhood at a time. 

The task force will review the "entries" and select the top five-ten entries. The top five-ten entries will be presented at an SNA meeting and narrowed down to the top three. At that time, we will send it out for a vote from all students, faculty, and staff. We hope you get involved and support this endeavor! 

If you have any questions, please email 

Cast your entry here.

The survey will close April 19 at noon.